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Tori Collins


Tori swam briefly as a young child, but swimming three seasons on the Creek team has ignited her love of swimming.  She swims year round on the USRP Racers Swim Team, where she helps instruct with the youngest children.   She works as a lifeguard at the Cypress Aquatic Center. 


Tori is a junior IB student whose favorite subjects are biology and psychology.  She belongs to the FJAS science club.  Tori wants to be a cardiologist. 


Tori has many goals for the team.  She plans to work on team bonding events, including dynamic team cheers at the meets.  Tori has ideas for meet organization and warm-up.  She wants to work with the coaches on any swimmer problems that may arise.  She considers herself as a very dedicated swimmer.

Alexia Obrochta


Alexia describes herself on the first day of freshman swim practice as “terrified, … scared to talk to anyone,” a girl who had to “muster up the courage to get out of the locker room.”   But even as a shy freshman, she knew she wanted to be a captain her senior year. 


Alexia is an IB student.  She is vice-president of the Spanish Club and belongs to both the Psychology Club and the National Honor Society.  Alexia spent the summer of 2018 in Poland strengthening her Polish language skills while working in a restaurant. She also freelances as a writer on Fiverr.com.   Alexia’s dream career is to be a pharmacist.


Alexia has met one of her goals to meet every member of our team, many who have impacted her life.  She shares the coaches’ philosophy that each swimmer should feel included and important.  Alexia considers swimming to be “fun but memorable, hard but satisfying, and intense yet relaxing.”  She is a year-round swimmer with USRP Racers.


Goals for the team include recruiting new swimmers and finding new team cheers.  Alexia suggests dividing the team into two groups for meet warm-ups with assigned lane leaders.  She wants to establish a team store to purchase additional team gear. And Alexia is determined to lead the Orange Team to their first victory in the annual Black/Orange Carwash! 

Jack Ramshaw


Jack has been a Spruce Creek swimmer for three years and an IB student. He is looking forward to fulfilling the duties of captain.  In addition to eight years of club swimming, Jack has used his swimming skills to train and serve as a Volusia County beach lifeguard.


Two of Jack’s objectives as captain are goal setting as a team and recruiting new swimmers.  He enjoys helping other swimmers with technique and motivation.  He plans to set up several team bonding events before and during the season.  In addition to some new team cheers, Jack wants to come up with ways to hype up swimmers during practice and meets.  


In addition to swimming, Jack has other varied interests.  He is a board member for the Spruce Creek Model UN and a Civil Air Patrol Cadet NCO.  He also plays the cello.  Jack’s career goal is a future in aerospace engineering. 

Brendan Ryan


Brendan is a three-year Varsity team member who has been swimming club since eighth grade.  He wants to follow in the footsteps of previous captains by organizing events, relaying information to the team, and serving as a leader for cheers and the carwash.  He plans to work on preseason team events, help set up after-meet dinners, and organize the District team pasta dinner.  One goal involves pairing up beginning swimmers with returning swimmers who will work together on stroke technique and workout protocol.  He is a year-round swimmer with Hydro4 Swimming.


Brendan is a member of the National Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society and is an IB student.  During his three years at Spruce Creek, he has volunteered over 100 hours with children, pets, and his church.  He also enjoys tutoring fellow students who may be struggling in math, science, or history. 


Brendan’s favorite subjects include biology, chemistry, psychology, English, and math.  He plans a career in medicine, most likely as a cardiologist or neurologist.


Elizabeth Meyer, Matthew Meyer, Camden Pickering and Kyle Snowden